2009_A Guide to Improving Environmental Performance in Business_EN.pdf
2009_Garage and Vehicle Servicing Sector_EN.pdf
2009_How to Save Money by Conserving Water, Saving Energey and Preventing Waste_EN.pdf
2009_Report on First European Week for Waste Reduction in Ireland_EN.pdf
2010_Improve Waste Prevention Policies_External Communication Plan_EN.pdf
2010_Results of the Local Authority Prevention Demonstration Programme_EN.pdf
2010_Save Money and Improve the Performance of your Garage_EN.pdf
2011_Christmas Recipes_EPA_EN.pdf
2011_Emerging Best Practices and Visions on Sustainable Lifestyles_EN.pdf
2011_Inventory of Good Practices Regarding Biowaste Minimization in Europe_EN.pdf
2011_Pre-waste Ferda schools_EN.pdf
2012_A Waste Reduction Guide of Good Practices_EN.pdf
2012_Composting_A Household Guide_EPA_EN.pdf
2012_Emerging Visions for Future Sustainable Lifestyles_European Policy Brief_EN.pdf
2012_Guidance on the Interpretation of Directive 2008_98_EC on Waste_EN.pdf
2012_Tips and advise on how to create an efficient Waste Prevention Programme_EN.pdf
Be a Savvy Shopper_EPA_EN.pdf
Farming Protect Environment Prevent Waste Save Money_EPA_EN.pdf
Greener Cleaning_Environmental Tips for Domestic Cleaning and Hygiene_EN.pdf
Waste Mapping_Your Route to More Profit_Business Guide_EN.pdf