2005_Household Consumption and the Environment_EN.pdf
2005_Sustainable use and management of natural resources_EN.pdf
2007_National Sustainable Consumption and Production Strategies in the EU_EN.pdf
2008_Towards Sustainable Consumption and Production in Europe – Conference Report_EN.pdf
2009_Environmental Pressures from European Consumption and Production_EN.pdf
2009_Sustainable Public Procurement Urban Administrations China_EN.pdf
2010_Implementation Plan for Sustainable Production and Consumption in Africa_EN.pdf
2010_Indicators on Sustainable Consumption and Production_EN.pdf
2010_Recycling policies for selected waste streams in EEA member countries_EN.pdf
2010_Sustainable Consumption and Production Policies_Guide_EN.pdf
2011_Key messages on material resource use and efficiency in Europe_EN.pdf
2011_Progress in Sustainable Consumption and Production in Europe_EN.pdf
2011_Sustainable Consumption and Production Policies_Toolbox_EN.pdf
2012_Ecological sustainability full section LINKED_EN.pdf
2013_Analysis of Academic Work Outcomes onSustainable consumption 2010-2012_EN.pdf
2013_Environmental Pressures from European Consumption and Production_EN.pdf
2013_Resource Efficiency in the Hospitality Sector – Case Studies_EN.pdf
2014_Innovative Business Models for Sustainable Lifestyles_ΕΝ.pdf
Pilot factsheets on national Sustainable Consumption and Production Policies_EN.pdf