1996_No Disposables Korea Factsheet_EN.pdf
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2002_Biodegradable Municipal Waste Management in Europe-Part2_EN.pdf
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2007_Dealing with Food Waste in the UK_EN.pdf
2007_Managing Biowastes from Households in the UK _EN.pdf
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2011_Food Waste in Schools – Final Report_EN.pdf
2011_Food Waste in Schools – Summary Report_EN.pdf
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2011_Implementation of an Urban Community Compostin…Programme_EN.pdf
2011_Pre-waste NLWA Love food hate waste_EN.pdf
2011_Reducing Household Bakery Waste_EN.pdf
2012_Airport Recycling Rates Soar FoodWasteCollection_EN.pdf
2012_Cost-Effective Food Waste Scheme Adds Value to Materials_EN.pdf
2012_End of Waste Criteria on Biodegradable Waste_EN.pdf
2012_Food Waste Scheme Makes Business Sense for Oxfam_EN.pdf
2012_HaFSA Information for Contract Catering Client Supporters_EN.pdf
2012_HaFSA Information for Large Businesses_EN.pdf
2012_HaFSA Information for Smaller Businesses_EN.pdf
2012_HaFSA Information for Supplier Supporters_EN.pdf
2012_Minimization of Food Waste in Germany_EN.pdf
2012_Pre-waste food desk marche_EN.pdf
2012_Pre-waste legambiente tourism_EN.pdf
2012_Pre-waste Menu Dose Certa_EN.pdf
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2012_Prevention Food Waste Restaurants, Hotels and Cater_EN.pdf
2012_Reducing Food Waste – Causes Courses Action North Rhine_EN.pdf
2012_The TrimTrax Process – Poster_EN.pdf149.29 KB17 days ago
2013_Caterer Aims for Zero Waste to Landfill – Eden Caterers_EN.pdf
2013_Education – Taking Action on Waste_EN.pdf
2013_Effect of Food Waste Collections on Arisings_EN.pdf
2013_Estimates of Waste in the Food and Drink Supply Chain_EN.pdf
2013_Food and Drink – Circular Economy_EN.pdf
2013_Food Wastage Impacts on Natural Resources_EN.pdf
2013_Food Waste Messages for Maximum Impact – Research Slides_EN.pdf
2013_Food Waste Monitoring Triggers Improved Performance_EN.pdf
2013_Global Food – Waste Not – Want Not_EN.pdf
2013_Healthcare – Taking Action on Waste_EN.pdf
2013_Hotels – Taking Action on Waste_EN.pdf
2013_How to Engage Your Residents in Prevention and Collections_EN.pdf
2013_Leisure – Taking Action on Waste_EN.pdf
2013_Overview Waste UK Hospitality Food Service Sector_EN.pdf
2013_Reducing Food Waste in Households and in Retail in the EU_EN.pdf
2013_Self Assessment Review for Food & Drink Manufacturers_EN.pdf
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2013_Waste Prevention Case Studies from Businessess_EN.pdf
2013_Waste prevention reviews in the food and drink sector_EN.pdf
2013_Where Food Waste Arises within the UK HaFS sector_EN.pdf
2013_Zero-Waste Composting – Final Report_EN.pdf
2014_Counting the Cost of Food Waste-EU Food Waste Prevention_EN.pdf
2014_Facts and Figures on Consumer Food Waste in 2013_EN.pdf
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2014_Food Waste Volumes in Sweden_EN.pdf
2014_Greene King case study_EN.pdf
2014_HaFS Agreement – Signatory Pack_EN.pdf
2014_HaFSA_One Year on Progress_EN.pdf
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2014_Strathmore Hotels Saves 18% of Food Costs_EN.pdf
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2014_WRAP – Unilever case study_EN.pdf
2015_10 tips stop food waste_EN.pdf
2015_Best before_EN.pdf
2015_Reducing Waste in the Dairy Sector-Brochure_EN.pdf
2015_Reducing Waste in the Fish Sector-Brochure_EN.pdf
2015_Reducing Waste in the Fresh Meat Sector – Brochure_EN.pdf
2015_Reducing Waste in the Fruit and Vegetable Sector-Brochure_EN.pdf
2015_The True Cost of Food Waste to the UK HaFS Sector_EN.pdf
2015_What is HACCP_EL.pdf
ACR+ Biowaste inventory of good practices_EN.pdf
Engaging with Consumers to Help Reduce Plate Waste_EN.pdf
Food and Drink Waste in Businesses and Households – UNEP_EN.pdf
Pubs-Taking Action on Waste_EN.pdf
Quick Service Restaurants – Taking Action on Waste_EN.pdf
Restaurants-Taking Action on Waste_EN.pdf
Services-Taking Action on Waste_EN.pdf
Staff catering-Taking Action on Waste_EN.pdf
Waste Reduction Municipality Chianti – Layman’s report_EN_IT.pdf