2005_Swaporamarama Factsheet_EN.pdf
2011_Improved Waste Management of Textiles – Environmentally Improved Recycling_EN.pdf
2011_Textile Collections – A Review of Legal and Operational Requirements_EN.pdf
2012_A Waste Footprint Assessment for UK Clothing – Final Report_EN.pdf
2012_Appendix 1 – Method Statement_EN.pdf
2012_Appendix 2 – Financial data on the UK clothing market_EN.pdf
2012_Carbon Footprint UK Clothing Opportunities Savings_EN.pdf
2012_Composition and Re-use Potential of Household Bulky Textiles in the UK_EN.pdf
2012_Guidance on the Legal Removal of Clothing and Textile Banks_EN.pdf
2012_Prevention of Textile Waste_EN.pdf
2012_Review Data Embodied Water Clothing – Summary Report_EN.pdf
2012_Valuing Our Clothes – The Evidence Base – Technical Report_EN.pdf
2012_Valuing Our Clothes_EN.pdf
2013_Segregation of Carpets and Mattresses from Household Waste_EN.pdf
2014_Approaches to Material Sales – A Guide for Local Authorities_EN.pdf
2014_Turning Recyclate into Revenue – Short Guide for Local Authorities_EN.pdf
2015_Karlskrona Clothes Library_EN.pdf
2015_TEXTILE – Sustainable Clothing Action Plan_EN.pdf
2015_TEXTILES – Good Practice Code_EN.pdf
Co-collection of Duvets and Pillows with Clothing in Textile Banks_EN.pdf
Co-collection of Mattresses and Furniture from Households for Re-use_EN.pdf
Collecting & Shredding Carpets from Household Waste Recycling Centres_EN.pdf
Collection and Take back from Households of Mattresses for Recycling_0.pdf
Collection of Carpet Tiles – Manufacturer Take back Scheme_EN.pdf
Collection of Carpet Tiles from businesses for Re-Use_EN.pdf
Collection of Mattresses from Households for Component Re-use and Recycling_EN.pdf
Collection of Pillows from Hotels and Universities for Re-use_EN.pdf
Demonstrating the Viability if Collecting Non-clothing Textiles_EN.pdf
Free Mattress Collection Service from Households for Recycling_EN.pdf
Joint Contract for Textile Collection Bring Services – Case Study_EN.pdf
Kerbside Textile Collection for Charity – Case Sudy_EN.pdf
Office Depot Creates a Uniform Recycling Solution_EN.pdf
Textiles Circular Economy_EN.pdf