1998_Energy efficiency increase used washing machines dishwashers_EN.pdf
1998_Pre-waste RUSZ reuse_EN.pdf
2003_WEEE – Quantities, Dangerous Substances and Treatment Methods_EN.pdf
2004_Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment Collection Trials Ireland_EN.pdf
2007_The Producer Responsibility Principle of the WEEE Directive_EN.pdf
2008_Review of Directive 2002-96 on WEEE – Final Report_EN.pdf
2010_Environmental LCA Study for Domestic Washing Machines_EN.pdf
2011_Benefits of Reuse – Case Study – Electrical Items_EN.pdf
2011_Environmental LCA Study – Household Washing Machines_EN.pdf
2011_Realising the Reuse Value of Household WEEE_EN.pdf
2012_Composition and Reuse Potential of Household Bulky WEEE in the UK_EN.pdf
2013_ ICT Solutions for Sustainable Lifestyles – Report_EN.pdf
2013_Electrical and Electronic Product Design – Product Lifetime_EN.pdf
2013_Electricals Circular Economy_EN.pdf
2013_The Value of Consumer Electronics for Trade-in and Resale_EN.pdf
2014_Generating Value for Business Through Sustainability_esap_EN.pdf
2014_Re-use of WEEE from Household Waste Recycling Centres_EN.pdf
2014_Switched on to Value_EN.pdf
2015_Electrical-Electronic Equipment Sustainability Action_EN.pdf
2015_WEEE Good Practice Collection and Treatment_EN.pdf
Collection and Handling of LCD Screens_EN.pdf
Collections at Designated Collection Facilities_EN.pdf
Communication Between Treatment Facilities and Their Stakeholders_EN.pdf
Contracts and Partnership Agreements_EN.pdf
Data Management and Reporting_EN.pdf
Ensuring Quality Reuse Collection Activity_EN.pdf
Health and Safety and Environmental Procedures_EN.pdf
Licensing and Regulations_EN.pdf
Raising Public Awareness of Recycling and Reuse_EN.pdf
Realising the Reuse Value of Household WEEE – Summary_EN.pdf
Reuse and Collection systems_EN.pdf
Traceability & Management Systems_EN.pdf
Treatment for Reuse_EN.pdf
Trialling Re-use Used EEE Leeds City Council HWRCs_EN.pdf
WEEE recovery UK-The Current Situation Road Ahead_EN.pdf