LAWPreT is a project which seeks to provide waste prevention training to local authority employees in Greece, Cyprus and Slovenia. The project is funded by ERASMUS +, Key Action 2: Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices. The LAWPreT partners were chosen on the basis of different professional background, expertise and experience in transnational projects. It is composed of 4 partners from Greece, 1 from Cyprus, 1 from Slovenia and 1 European network based in Belgium:

The Ecological Recycling Society (ECOREC) is the lead partner.  It is a non-profit organization actively involved in sustainable solid waste management projects, environmental education and awareness raising, environmental training and education.

SRC Bistra Ptuj (Scientific Research Centre Bistra Ptuj) is the first officially registered interdisciplinary research institution in Slovenia. SRC Bistra Ptuj is a scientific research and development institution in charge of promoting the development of excellence in substance the environment in which it operates, in all areas of its operations and internationally comparable criteria. SRC Bistra Ptuj presents a supporting pillar of environmental development of the region, intended for local communities and companies.

CRE.THI.DEV., a Greek non-profit organization, that  focuses on researching and developing action plans for local communities, mainly on the fields of life-long learning, environmental protection, innovation, employment and local development.

Up-To-Date Training Ltd, established in 1990, is a vocational training centre in Cyprus that is active  in the environmental sector. It organizes and provides fully up-dated seminars in Cyprus and abroad. The mission of Up-To-Date Training Ltd is the unrelenting commitment to the continuous development of human potential.

The City of Athens which consists of 27 Divisions and employs more than 4000 employees.

RREUSE is a European umbrella organisation representing national and regional networks of social enterprises active in the field of reuse, repair and recycling. Today, RREUSE represents approximately 42,000 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) workers and over 200,000 volunteers and trainees from 25 member organisations active in 15 Member States.

EGTC Efxini Poli – Network of European Cities for Sustainable development, a network of Greek local authorities with 23 members and 17 Greek Local Authorities, the Region of Attica, The Institute of Urban Environment and Human Capital of Panteion University, two Local Authorities from Cyprus, one Bulgarian Local Authority and the Regional Agribusiness Centre of Vidin, Bulgaria. Through its networking activities, services and participation in numerous projects, EGTC Efxini Poli works towards greener, more dynamic and inclusive cities.

During the implementation of LAWPreT, a set of outputs will be created, and also training activities and multiplier events will be organised, including:
– an online training platform for LAs staff,
– the collection of national strategies on waste prevention,
– the development of Waste Prevention Guide,
– the development of a training package,
– a pilot long distance learning course lasting 3 weeks which will be conducted through the online training platform in English, Greek and Slovenian and a 2-day training seminar for 20 trainees from Greece, 20 from Cyprus and 20 from Slovenia;
– training seminars for 60 staff members of Greek L.A.s, 20 staff members of Cypriot L.As and 20 of Slovenian L.As;
– 4 seminars (2 in Greece, 1 in Cyprus and 1 in Slovenia) for the presentation of the Waste Prevention Guide.
– 4 conferences in Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia and Belgium.


The expected results of the LAWPreT outputs, training and multiplier events are the following:

  • A minimum of 100 Local Authority employees in 3 countries (Greece, Cyprus and Slovenia) will improve their skills regarding waste prevention. They will be trained and able to propose and implement innovative waste prevention practices in their local or regional authority..
    They will be capable to act as trainers for the rest of the staff of their organization, after the completion of thetraining sessions.
    Moreover, they will be able to provide knowledge and good experience in the future for other Local/regional authorities. The training platform, course and training materials will be available to all interested parties in the long-term, so that they may take advantage and implement similar projects over a longer term as well as train new staff.
  • 280 persons from Local Authorities and other stakeholders from the three countries will be informed about waste prevention in general as well as about the possibilities the platform and the educational material gives them to be informed and self-trained on the subject.
  • 125 participants, who will attend the seminars for the use of the Prevention Guide, will improve their qualifications in order to offer their services, implementing the concept of waste prevention, to their local authorities and other groups/organizations they belong to.

All participants in all the events of LAWPreT will be informed, trained and able to contribute in the achievement of targets of the Waste Framework Directive and its derivative EU Legislation on waste prevention and the relevant national legislation.