1997_Sludge Treatment and Disposal_EN.pdf
2001_Eco Label at a glance_GR.pdf
2003_Waste & Material flow_A catalogue of methods and tools_EN.pdf
2004_Review of existing LCA studies on recycling and and disposal of paper and cardbord_EN.pdf
2006_Economic instruments to promote material resource efficiency_EN.pdf
2006_Paper and cardboard — recovery or disposal_EN.pdf
2007_Review of waste management planning in EEA member countries_EN.pdf
2008_Management of Municipal Waste and Greenhous Gas Emitions_Supporting document_EN.pdf
2008_Municipal waste management and greenhouse gases_EN.pdf
2008_Projection of end-of-life vehicles for 2005-2030_EN.pdf
2008_The evaluation of landfill policy effectiveness_Country studies methodology_EN.pdf
2009_A special report for wastes_Economist- EN.pdf
2009_Effectiveness of waste‑management policies in the European Union_Report_EN.pdf
2009_Present recycling levels of Municipal Waste and the C&D Waste in the EU_EN.pdf
2009_Transboundary shipments of waste based on the European Waste List_EN.pdf
2009_Waste without borders in the EU_Transboundary shipments of waste_EN.pdf
2010_Environmental benefits of recycling_update_EN.pdf
2010_The European Recycling Map_Annex I_EN.pdf
2010_The European Recycling Map_EN.pdf
2011_Europe as a Recycling Society_EN.pdf
2011_Projections of Municipal Waste Management and Greenhouse Gases_EN.pdf
2011_Waste opportunities_Report_EN.pdf
2011_WFD compliance and calculation methods_Commission Decision_EN.pdf
2012_Eurostat reporting on municipal waste_Guidance on data collection_EN.pdf
2012_Landfill taxes in Europe_EN.pdf
2012_Transboundary shipments of waste in the EU_EN.pdf
2014_H2020 Mediterranean report_Toward a shared environmental information system_EN.pdf
2014_Municipal Solid Waste Management Capacity in Europe_EN.pdf
2014_Regional and local MSW Policies in Europe in Italy, Poland and Spain_EN.pdf